Past Years

The other day I took a break from writing to sit outside, something I do for inspiration, to clear the head, or just for the fresh air. Most times, I have paper and several pencils next to me to capture those stray thoughts and ideas.

A conversation from the previous night gave me this:

Past Years

We faced failure
Fought evil
And walked through darkness

Our hearts shattered
Tears fell
An empty soul left behind

Look closer
A speck of light in the fog
With it a purpose to life once more

Have faith in the future
Let go of the hurt and anger
Choices made in the past belong to the people we were
Not to the ones we are today



  1. Very beautiful. This poem makes so much sense to me, more so then it would have even a year ago as I struggle with my own bipolar battle. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Is this, how you fell with bipolar?

  3. The poem fits life in general. Most people evolve through the years to become a different person. The choices made in the past fit at the time. But as we learn who we are, we can make better choices. Bipolar can make us feel lonely. There's always a light ahead. Someone willing to listen, to share, to help.